Three new Knowledge Hubs at The CropTec Show this year will bring visitors up to date with the latest news, research and innovation across the industry.

The Hubs, which are held across both days of the Show (November 24 and 25) each provide a dedicated place for specialist seminars and discussion, with industry experts on hand to answer questions throughout the day.

Subjects addressed by the Hubs this year are Cost Management, Transforming Food Production and Plant Breeding. Each has its own timetable of seminars (separate to the main CropTec seminar programme) which will be available online and in the show guide.

The Cost Management Hub (sponsored by AHDB) will provide insight into reducing unit costs of production, new technology and cutting-edge agronomy. Visitors to the AHDB stand will be able to meet with technical teams and learn about the latest research and opportunities to get involved in knowledge exchange. AHDB farm economics and technical experts will share practical solutions to reduce unit costs of production, new technology and cutting-edge agronomy.

The seminar programme includes:

· What really effects your bottom line? Mark Topliff, AHDB lead analyst, and Prof Jonathan Storkey, agroecologist from Rothamsted Research will discuss the key drivers of yield and whether it is possible to quantify the effect of environmental factors and crop management.

· Why carbon matters to your money? Harley Stoddart, senior agri-environment scientist (policy and resources) for AHDB will address why carbon matters to your finances and what farmers need to know about upcoming policies and schemes.

· How to optimise nitrogen use and reduce your carbon footprint: AHDB senior environmental scientist James Holmes will talk about optimum use of nitrogen to reduce variable costs and carbon footprint.

· Is it possible to cut costs through investing in machinery? Harry Henderson, AHDB knowledge exchange manager (cereals and oilseeds) will highlight what farmers should consider when investing in system change on their farm.

“There are many challenges facing the farming industry, from price pressures to responding to an ever-changing climate,” said Emily Pope, senior knowledge transfer manager (cereals and oilseeds). “Unpacking what the road to resilience looks like on-farm has never been more pressing. Reductions in BPS payments start this year, so a wait-and-see approach isn’t an option for farmers and growers who rely on this income. That is why AHDB is pleased to host the Cost Management Hub at CropTec.”

The Transforming Food Production Hub (sponsored by UKRI) will showcase recent and ongoing research and innovation funded by UKRI. Seminar sessions will be led by UKRI’s Tom Jenkins and Chris Danks with additional expertise and specialisms from a selection of guest speakers over the two days:

· The Hands Free Farm concept: Clive Backer, head of arable and produce at Map of Ag.

· Taking UK innovation to international markets: The second session with Clive Backer, head of arable and produce at Map of Ag.

· The Robot Highways project: Dan Sargent, head of plant sciences, Saga Robotics.

· Driving research-based innovation towards industry and sector-focused challenges: Simon Pearson, Professor of Agri-Food Technology and Director of the Lincoln Institute of Agri-Food Technology at the University of Lincoln.

· Autonomous weed detection methods and concepts: Greg Cielnak and Shaun Coutts of the Lincoln Agri-Robotics Centre

· A smart long life trap for codling moth monitoring: Heather Sanders, director of Science at Agsenze Ltd.

The Plant Breeding Hub, sponsored by Limagrain, will bring visitors up to date with the latest genetic technology. Seminars will be given by members of the Limagrain research team as well as independent experts in the field of plant breeding:

· The importance of plant breeding in a regenerative ag system: Jonathan Hodgson.

· How does varietal resistance impact on agronomic decision making: Charles Wright, Pharmacy

· Breeding diverse disease resistance in wheat: Rachel Goddard, Limagrain

· What could gene editing mean for plant breeding in the UK? Emma Wallington, NIAB

· Increasing pulse crop yields through plant breeding: Will Pillinger, Limagrain

· Trait progression in oilseed rape breeding: Liam Wilkison, Limagrain

As well as the seminars Limagrain’s technical experts will be on hand to answer questions throughout the two days.

Will Charlton, arable crops marketing manager for Limagrain said: “We’re delighted to host the Plant Breeding Hub at CropTec 2021. We will showcase the latest developments in plant breeding, how they can be adopted on-farm and incorporated within wider agronomic best practice.”

Entry is free to CropTec – to register visit:

Other highlights include:

· Seminar programme: Hear the latest on soil health, crop nutrition, crop protection and join in with our regenerative agriculture debate.

· Sprayer demos: Compare 10 sprayers first-hand with our fantastic line up of manufacturers offering working demonstrations.

· Careers Corner: Discover career options and training opportunities to put you on the road to success.